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About Jin Milano Textile

Jiangsu Jin Milan Textile Co.,Ltd. was established in 2016 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. The enterprise is located in the northeast corner of the intersection of Zhuhai Road and Yinhai Road, Economic Development Zone, Xiangshui County, Jiangsu Province. Covering an area of nearly 60 mu and a construction area of 25,000 square meters, the company has an annual sales volume of over 100 million yuan. The front channel of the enterprise is equipped with blowing and carding units. The spun yarn is subject to single spindle detection and collective winding. It is equipped with compact spinning and compact spinning production lines. The automatic winding machine is Japan Murata's fully automatic Yobalo. The enterprise has strong research and development capability and quick reaction capability. It mainly produces colored yarn with different styles such as segment color, color dots, gold and silver yarn, imitation hemp feather yarn and other different functions such as antibiosis, warmth retention, moisture absorption and cooling. In order to meet the customer's demand for quick delivery, the color dots, segment colors, AB, snowflakes and feather silk are all available in stock for 30S. Another customer orders samples for 3 days, and samples for 6 days.

The enterprise will strive for the vision of building a national famous differential colored spinning enterprise.